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Gerhard Haase-Hindernberg depicts how a girl with a dream became a world-famous ballerina. He doesn't just irradiate a youth embossed with discipline and exhausting hours in the ballet hall but also guides us into a world of ambition and tremendous pressure to suceed. Beginning with an important day of her career - her emploiment as first soloist at Staatsballet Berlin at the age of just 17 years. Leading to numerous international engagements and performances. "POLINA - Aus der Moskauer Vorstadt auf die grossen Bühnen der Welt" offers us the possibility to get to know the woman behind the fragile swanprincess.

Gerhard Haase-Hindenberg
"POLINA - Aus der Moskauer Vorstadt auf die großen Bühnen der Welt"
€ 16,95 (D) / @ 17,50 (A) / sFr 30,70
ISBN 978-3-8025-3714-1
publishing date: 13th of september 2010
language: german