Official app of Staatsballett Berlin. The Staatsballett-Berlin-App gives a summary of the schedule, the ensemble and the venues of Staatsballett Berlin. Furthermore you have access to many photos and videos of the different productions.

YOU WILL BE TOTALLY MOVED – Staatsballett Berlin

You can use the mobile version of Staatsballett-Berlin-website by browsing

You may also find the Staatsballett-Berlin-App on Android Market.
iPhones-users may find the App in the App Store when it passed the Apple-tests.

Functions of the app
- Schedule: Which production is on when?
- About us: About the origins of Staatsballett Berlin.
- Ensemble: Get to know the dancers.
- Education: What is Staatsballett Berlin doing in the field of education?
- Media Centre with photos and videos: Emotional photos and videos of productions of Staatsballett Berlin.
- Venues: Where is Staatsballett Berlin dancing?
- Contact: Get in contact with Staatsballett Berlin.
- Links to Facebook, Twitter, Blog: Meet us in web 2.0!